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January 8, 2024

Pokemon GO Incineroar: Best Moves and Counter Attacks for PVP and Raids

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Pokemon GO Incineroar introduces the mighty brawler in the game, which evolves from its basic Pokemon Liten and will be featured in the next Community Day event. Pokemon Incineroar is a mighty fire-type Pokemon who became so popular that he made his way out of the Pokemon world and into the Super Smash Bros with some other famous Pokemons.

In the upcoming spring-themed Pokemon Go season, the Pokemon Go World of the Wonders, players or trainers will see a collection of new events with a whole new Community Day. The special thing about Community Day is Litten, which means that a lot of Pokemon trainers will get their hands on cute kitten-type Pokemons. And every trainer can evolve Litten into a fierce Incineroar.

So, if you’re a player who is not familiar with Pokemon Incineroar, then this guide is for you. In this article, we are going to share Pokemon Incineroar’s best raid moves, and PVP moves to show the capabilities of this fierce Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Incineroar All Moves

Let us break down what Incineroar can do as a Dark-Poison/Fire in Pokemon Go. Here is how the Incineroar’s moves are divided into two types.

Fast Moves

  • Double Kick (Fighting)
  • Fire Fang (Fire/STAB)
  • Snarl (Dark/STAB)

Charged Moves

  • Blaze Kick (Fire/STAB)
  • Dark Pulse (Dark/STAB)
  • Fire Blast (Fire/STAB)
  • Flame Charge (Fire/STAB)

Pokemon Go Incineroar Best Raid Moves

The Pokemon Incineroar’s best raid moves would be the Fire Blast and Fire Fang. You will find better Pokemons to suit the dark-type attackers for the raids. Therefore, it is recommended that all the focus of Incineroar be on fire-type attacks and moves. As compared to the other moves, Fire Blast and Fire Fang do more damage. Hence, it is best to take their advantage while in combat using Incineroar.

Pokemon GO Incineroar Best PVP Moves

The best Pokemon Incineroar raid moves are Flame Charge and Snarl, which give you a competitive edge while playing the game. Snarl is a faster move that allows players to do more stab damage while throwing a charged move quickly.

In addition to that, Dark Pulse is a great choice for Charged Move. However, it varies from opponent to opponent. Therefore, it is best to go for Flame Charge as it gives you the combined advantage of two different types of STAB damage and spreads the type coverage.

How to Get Siny Incineroar in Pokemon GO?

There are chances to encounter Shiny Incineroar, if you are lucky, during your Research quests in Pokemon GO. During events like Community Day, you can encounter Shinny Litten, who can evolve further into the Shiny Incineroar.

During this event, you will also get a chance to get your hands on the Shiny Litten and Shiny Torracat. And incase if you miss out on any of them, you can find Pokemon Go accounts for sale from U7BUY Pokemon Go store featuring all these rare and fierce Pokemon. The Community Day event is happening in March 2024 so don’t miss your chance to witness Pokemon Incineroar during the spring-themed events and activities. View more

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