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June 1, 2023

10 Things to Know Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

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If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer, be sure to do some research before hiring one. Be sure to focus your search on attorneys who fight for plaintiffs, rather than those who advertise for insurance defense firms.

Most injury lawyers charge a contingent fee, meaning that you don’t pay them unless they win or settle your case. But, be sure to ask about outside expenses.

1. Experience

A personal injury lawyer is trained to review the facts of your case and determine whose negligence caused your injuries. They can also use their network of outside experts to help build your case.

They can also guide you through complicated legal matters such as a lawsuit against a government entity. Ask your attorney how much experience they have with cases like yours.

2. Fees

Most injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning they do not get paid until you receive a settlement or award. This helps accident victims save their income and savings for medical treatment, therapy sessions, and prescriptions.

However, you should ask about the fees upfront. For example, does the attorney charge a flat fee or a percentage of the recovery? How long has the attorney been in practice? Does he or she regularly try lawsuits in court?

3. Reputation

Having an experienced attorney on your side makes dealing with insurance companies much easier. An attorney can also help ensure that you don’t say something to the insurance company that hurts your claim for medical expenses, lost wages, and future damages like pain and suffering.

A reputable lawyer will tell you the timeline for your case upfront. Do not be afraid to ask for a timeline and to question attorneys that try to avoid this issue.

4. Insurance coverage

Severe injuries can cost thousands or even millions of dollars in treatment and impact your quality of life. A skilled New York personal injury lawyer can identify liable parties and build a case that maximizes your compensation.

Insurance companies have teams of lawyers, adjusters, and investigators working to protect their best interests. You deserve a team of your own. Your attorney will inform you about the intangible damages you may be entitled to.

5. Convenience

The lawyer should be able to provide a realistic timeline for your case. Avoid attorneys who claim they can quickly put cash in your hands.

The most effective personal injury attorneys can retain medical and financial experts to help place value on future damages. This helps you obtain full compensation. Claimants represented by lawyers tend to receive higher settlements. They also are able to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

6. Communication

Many personal injury lawyers are known as ambulance chasers, and you want to avoid those who send solicitation letters to injured victims. You should also find out whether they have a large professional network of experts.

Effective communication is critical in a personal injury case. Ask how they will communicate with you throughout the case. If they are unable to answer this question, look elsewhere.

7. Personality

If your friends or family members have had experience with personal injury lawyers, ask them for recommendations. You should also check out a potential attorney’s website and online reviews.

An experienced attorney can help you navigate often-nuanced situations to get the best settlement possible. They can deal with the insurance companies so that you don’t say something that could hurt your case.

8. Reliability

Reliability is the chance that something will perform consistently well. For example, a reliable thermometer will accurately measure temperature each time you use it. Similarly, reliable research findings can be replicated over and over again.

Insurance companies know that they will take your claim more seriously if you have a skilled NYC personal injury attorney on your side. This will allow you to maximize your compensation.

9. Flexibility

Many personal injury lawyers handle several types of cases. However, serious injuries deserve a lawyer that only focuses on such cases. Firms that take a number of cases in an assembly line manner may cut corners to meet the minimum compensation needed for each case.

When dealing with insurance companies, you need a skilled personal injury attorney to maximize your compensation claim. Ask about contingency fees and expenses reimbursement if the case is lost.

10. Experience

The attorney you select will influence the outcome of your case. You want an attorney who can negotiate a settlement pre-suit and successfully take your case to trial if needed.

An experienced injury lawyer has the resources to fully research your claim, including the full extent of your damages. This knowledge is invaluable during the negotiation stage, particularly when framing your demand for compensation.

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