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May 30, 2023

8 Reasons to Choose a Career in Public Health

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There are a lot of reasons to choose a career in public health. You could make a difference in the lives of people all around the world.

From limiting the spread of an Ebola outbreak to developing programs that help families afford medical care, you can do important work in this field.

  1. You’ll Make a Difference

Whether you work in an organization that creates programs to prevent diseases or helps communities deal with outbreaks, public health can be a great place to find satisfying work. You’ll get to learn new skills just by working in the field, and advancement opportunities are abound at the local, state, and federal level.

Maybe you want to be on the front lines fighting diseases like cancer or AIDS, or perhaps you’d rather help keep insurance rates low so that families don’t have to choose between food and medicine. Whatever you do, you’ll make a difference in the world.

  1. You’ll Learn New Things

Working in public health can be exciting and fun. You’ll be learning about a variety of different topics and be on the cutting edge of medical research.

You’ll also be able to work on improving food safety and creating programs that help people live healthier lives. You’ll be on the front lines in the battle against diseases like AIDS and cancer, which can give you great personal satisfaction.

Moreover, you’ll be able to work for government organizations, which can lead to advancement and more opportunities to learn.

  1. You’ll Get to Work with People

Public health is a field that encourages professionals to bring their own unique experiences and perspectives into the workplace. This can be especially beneficial when working with diverse communities that require customized education and messaging.

You will be on the front lines of responding to disease outbreaks and other public health emergencies. From distributing vaccinations during an Ebola crisis to advocating for elderly people who are being taken advantage of by their caregivers, you’ll see firsthand the impact that your work can have on the lives of others.

  1. You’ll Make a Difference in Your Community

People choose careers in public health for a wide range of reasons. They may want to work on a cure for diseases like polio or they may want to help prevent them from spreading.

Whatever the reason, those who choose a career in public health will have an opportunity to make a difference in their community and in the world. That is something that many people find incredibly satisfying. The diverse education that is available in the field of public health can also appeal to people who enjoy a variety of educational experiences.

  1. You’ll Make a Difference in the World

Public health workers are on the front lines of responding to disease outbreaks and working to prevent diseases in communities. This can be deeply satisfying for those who love to serve others.

It’s also a field that allows you to use all the disciplines of science, research, management, medicine, and social work to solve complex problems. This can be stimulating for those who enjoy intellectual challenges.

  1. You’ll Get to Work for a Government Agency

While most people know that doctors and nurses can treat disease once it strikes, not as many are aware of the vital role public health workers play in stopping the spread of illness and preventing diseases. This can be a fulfilling career path for those who like to tackle big societal problems.

In fact, many state government public health workers report feeling completely engaged in their work. This is especially true when battling disease outbreaks such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. You’ll Get to Work for a Nonprofit

Many people work in public health because they want to help others. Whether you’re designing programs to make medical care affordable for families or working to ensure that families in less affluent neighborhoods have access to food, water and vaccinations, you can help to improve the lives of countless people.

Nonprofit jobs can also provide you with a sense of satisfaction that you don’t get from some other types of careers. You’ll be able to work alongside other people who share your passion for helping those in need.

  1. You’ll Get to Work for Yourself

Working in public health will allow you to make a difference and help people. It’s a career field with longevity that will always have jobs as long as people need help in areas such as nutrition and dietary education, disease prevention and family planning.

Whether you work for the CDC or another government agency, you will be on the front line of fighting diseases and other threats to public health. This will give you a sense of personal satisfaction that is rarely found in other careers.

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